Trailer Engineering based in the West Midlands, manufacture a full range of Water Bowsers and Fuel Bowsers ranging from 24 gallons to several thousand gallons.

Trailer Engineering is an established and well known company in the UK who manufacture industrial trailer and tankers. We fabricate standard capacity Diesel Bowsers in the UK as per your requirements and to meet all the criteria for the purpose of fuel transportation such as petrol, diesel, furnace oil etc.

Storage tanks are basically the containers that hold liquids or compressed gases, these are also known as gas tanks or pressure vessels, which is not typically labelled or regulated as a storage tank or mediums, used for the short- or long- term storage of heat or cold.

The manufacturing of these Diesel Bowsers and storage tank Bowsers in the UK is done in our heavy duty fabrication unit which consists of the latest technology which helps us to create high quality modern equipment and has all the right tools needed for accuracy and efficiency of the tank and Bowser. Our company, Trailer Engineering, always strives to stay ahead of the competition by providing the customers with what they want in the best possible way. Customer satisfaction is our prime target and we promise to make you happy with the high end manufacturing of diesel Bowsers and storage tank Bowsers by our expert and skilled team of workers. You can trust us in the knowledge that our team has more than 40 years of experience in the field and you can be rest assured that all the trailers and tankers that are manufactured by our company are reliable, durable and efficient. Our tankers are well protected from corrosion, Thermal Shock and are absolutely risk free. We provide only the best quality trailers and tankers and are one of the most renowned manufacturers in the UK for providing bespoke services to our customers.

Don’t hesitate to visit Trailer Engineering to enjoy our quality assured services. We are situated in the UK and our team is always available at your service.

Pressure Washers

At Trailer Engineering, we offer a wide range of pressure washers.

Fuel Bowsers

At Trailer Engineering, we offer a wide range of fuel bowsers.

Water Bowsers

At Trailer Engineering, we offer a wide range of water bowsers.

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